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Mr. J. Abraham Enoch

M.Sc. M.Ed., M.Phil., PGDCA


Greetings and Best Wishes, One and All!

Action changes things. Even our good customs, ways of living and habits must change with time. Progress is impossible without change.

A new dawn always brings with it new hopes, aspirations and new energy. It is just that this year is packed with so many things and we have so much more to do that we may not have time to stop and realize that the time is moving.

There need not be any resistance to changes. The ethos of R.S.K will remain the same. There is no compromise for discipline, quality and standard. Everyone’s involvement and participation should be towards Achievement. Attainment is secondary.

Motivation, Inspiration and Guidance have the ability to change the lives of students. Students should not be “unwanted visitors“ to the classroom. They should possess interest in studies and extract time to read books.

When knowledge speaks wisdom listens .Wisdom is the practical ability to apply knowledge. R.S.K. will create learning environment so that the students gain both knowledge and wisdom. The school will lay emphasis on concept oriented teaching and learning. To sustain this, the teachers should be equipped with hard news. Hence teachers should be lifelong learners.

We measure education not only through academic performance but also through the overall success and satisfaction of the individual. Our meticulous approach aims to develop the children to excel in all aspects of life - socially, psychologically and materially. This methodology promotes cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth, thus leading to an education that is complete, thereby creating a better world.

Together we work to transform the lives of our children.

May God bless our endeavours.

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Measles - Rubella Vaccination  on 10.03.17 at RSK SCHOOL